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Who We Are

We provide commercial drone services to the construction and property, agriculture and energy industry for land surveys and volumetric measurements, building surveys and inspections, 3D mapping, thermal surveys, photography and videography and photogrammetry services.


We work across the UK with construction contractors & consultancies, energy providers, commercial & residential estate agencies, venues and many others with an interest in the built environment.  For us, safety and quality are at the forefront of any project we undertake.

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Photogrammetry Experts

Drone Topographical Surveys & Mapping

In-House CAD Team

100% Safety Record 


Our Clients


Services We Offer

Surveying & Inspections

We provide surveying services including topographical mapping and cut and fill data as well as internal and external aerial inspections for roofs chimneys, towers, bridges, spires and many other 'hard to reach' locations.


Take advantage of our thermal camera capabilities which can pick up a variety of issues during building or roof inspections that the naked eye would miss.

Site Progress Monitoring

Accurately track as-built progress, health and saftey and materials using a 2D map or 3D model with the ability to overlay CAD drawings when required.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Drones provide an amazing perspective of projects and can capture both high definition photos and video footage that's great for sales and marketing videos to show off your work.


Meet Our Drones


"Excellent 5* service.  Professional and helpful with a quick turnaround."

Kirsty Bladen


DF Roofing Ltd

"Prompt, polite & professional.  Delivered on the brief and we got some excellent footage and still photos for our new website.  Highly recommended."

Jamie Derbyshire


Free Spirit Automotive Ltd

"Laurie was great to work with.  Efficient, easy communication and great shots.  Would thoroughly recommend."

Shaun Buswell

Head of Audio Visual (AV) 


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Aerial View of a Drone


  • Why would I hire a drone?
    Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide many cost, time and safety benefits to a multitude of tasks especially in the built environment. Surveys can be completed in hours rather than days and provide centimetre accuracy. Inspections can be conducted quickly and safely without the hassle and enormous of scaffolding and other access issues that that can cause hazards too. Aerial photography and videography not only gives a fantastic perspective of a site or area but can be completed in a matter of hours with very high quality results; something that traditionally was done via the costly use of helicopters or elevated platforms in times gone by!
  • How long will it take to complete my project?
    Each project is different and there are certain limitations that can effect a Drone flight including weather (Drones cannot operate in wet and overly gusty conditions) and battery changes. Each drone in our fleet can perform a constant flight of around 28 minutes on each battery however the changes are pretty quick and our pilots will come with at least five batteries and will have the ability to re-charge them on site too if need be. Surveys usually takes us around a full day’s work to complete and that includes a recce of the area and full safety evaluation (risk assessments and method statements). Inspections (including thermal inspections) it can take between 3 to 8 hours again depending on how large the building is and the complexity of the inspection. 3D modelling and site progress mapping usually takes us around a full day depending on the size of the site and that also includes processing of the collected data. Aerial photography and videography of construction sites, buildings and plots of land it could be anything from 2 hours up to a full day depending on how many sites, buildings or plots of land need to be captured but generally speaking it's half a day’s work. In terms of full post production videos we aim to have these turned around within two working days after filming but we can work to your requirements (with notice) and can complete the faster if need be.
  • How much does it cost to hire a drone through TrueView?
    The million dollar question! Prices vary depending on the type of service you want, the type of equipment that we would need to use and also whether there's the potential of repeat business for us! The general rule of thumb is the more expensive the equipment used, the more expensive the service provided is. We offer both an hourly rate and a day rate which typically ranges from 5 to 8 hours due to the fact that anything over 4 hours will limit our capacity to complete another project in the afternoon. We also offer post production services for any video footage we capture that we charge additionally for and this very much depends on the amount of footage that needs editing combined with the length of video you want produced. All our prices quoted include VAT. What you will get for the time you've hired us is an experienced and fully licenced and insured drone pilot who will conduct a full safety survey before initiating their planned flight path in order to capture the images, video or data. You will also receive a professionally edited video, if you choose to add this service, from our editing team with over 13 years of post-production experience working in television primarily for the BBC. Please contact us to have a chat about your project and we can quickly come back to you with a fixed price. There are no hidden costs at TrueView, what we quote you at the start is what you will pay at the end.
  • Are you insured?
    Absolutely. We hold public liability insurance which is fully (EC) 785/2004 compliant . We pride ourselves at TrueView for our 100% saftey record however we have also taken the utmost precautions to make sure that any work we carry out is covered to the full extent possible. We also hold CSCS Site Visitor cards if we require site access and hold GVCs with operational authorisation from the CAA. We are also also private pilots so are able to speak 'the language of aviation' with any appropriate air traffic control units if we are required to do so or if you feel that it will only make the flight safer.
  • Why should we use TrueView Drone Services?
    For us safety, reliability and quality are our primary parameters hence why we are fully qualified UAV pilots and insured combined with our many years of piloting and editing experience. We will tailor each project according to our client's requirements, whether that means working late into the evening, at weekends or in a far-away location, we will accommodate your requirements in order to deliver for you. Unfortunately there are many hobbyist ‘drone operators’ who may give you a cheap price but haven’t got the appropriate qualifications and insurance to operate drones commercially and therefore safely in built-up areas. This can lead to serious legal and safety issues combined with a lack of reliability and professionalism in terms of the service you would receive. Drones really are the future in terms capturing aerial perspectives and data and we've seen the results of how the technology can save companies a lot of time, money and relieve safety concerns and these factors alone could be the reason you secure that next project with your client! As a commercial drone operator we also keep our thumb firmly on the pulse of the technology meaning that our services will be completed using the most appropriate technology on the market according to what you need. Check out our fleet of drones above to learn about their specifications.

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