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What We Can Do for You

Survey & Inspection
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Drones cut the time it takes to conduct traditional surveys significantly. Topographical surveys, cut and fill / volumetric measurements can be conducted and the data processed in a day in most cases saving a construction company valuable time and money by cutting down on the manpower required traditionally for a Survey. Taking cut and fill measurements using people can also provide potential health and safety hazards, why not use a drone and take away the risk?

Monitor Site Progress

Site Progress Monitoring

This is not only a visually useful tool for any contractor and their client but also provides many technical advantages to compare as-built results which could allow them to spot deviations earlier than they originally would have. This could end up saving them a lot of wasted time and money.  Using image processing software we can overlay CAD drawings on a 2D map to give accurate as-built results and keep track of any design deviations.  We can also adapt this to monitor health and safety too.

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Thermal Inspections
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Thermal Inspections

Using our state of the art thermal camera drone, TrueView can provide internal and external thermal inspections of a building or structure to detect heat variations using hot and cold spot measurements to give accurate heat readings as well as an isotherm function to identify specific temperatures.  This incredibly useful tool can not only spot potential issues that the naked eye may miss but can also provide building sustainability information in terms of heat loss and energy efficiency.


Building & Roof Inspections

This service is ideal for inspecting traditionally hard to reach spots like roofs, spires, chimneys, towers, tunnels power lines and bridges.  Not only are drones cheaper and more practical than traditional inspections methods they are also much safer and alleviate any potential hazards that working at height / underground can cause to construction professionals.  They also significantly cut the time required to plan and execute a physical inspection.

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3D Modelling
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3D Modelling

Using PIX4D software to process photographs captured from our drones we can build high resolution 3D models of existing buildings.  This can be utilised in inspections allowing construction companies to gain a new perspective when reviewing inspection data.  Defects can be flagged and recorded on the model which can also be processed into reports for the client. 


Aerial Photo & Video

Of course the primary function of our drone fleet is taking high resolution pictures and 4K and 5.2K high definition video footage.  Aerial footage can give a great perspective for sales and marketing purposes.  Whether it's a current or completed project or even an event, our fleet of drones are at the ready to deliver for you.  We also have an inhouse video editor with over 12 years experience in television editing for the BBC and Channel 4 amongst other credits so we can offer fully the whole package.

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Drone over a River

“Drones are a great tool to deliver results safely, quickly and accurately. They remove people from harm’s way, which is a big plus for us, and they give the project team and clients a unique view on the progress of a project that you couldn’t get from the ground.”

Head of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

 Balfour Beatty

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